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远程团队主管 (对公业务)

Wu-si, Jiangsu Sheng - Prozkoumat lokalitu Internetový obchod Plný úvazek

Popis práce


Good knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life
for the many people

Strong knowledge of the omnichannel customer meeting (within Sales or Resolutions)

Strong knowledge of how to motivate and empower both generalists and specialists individually as well as to create togetherness within teams

Deep understanding of the leadership styles needed to balance different needs among co?workers (e.g. high level of creativity, detailed knowledge and clear ways of working)

Good knowledge of change management and understanding of key factors for a successful change initiative

Broad knowledge of the Remote Customer Meeting Point business and the business goals

General knowledge of the people planning process and the recruitment process as well as understanding how to contribute to these

Extensive knowledge of IKEA tone of voice and the prerequisites of communication across channels

Basic knowledge about Ingka processes, IKEA product range and services

Good knowledge about relevant Ingka systems and tools

Motivated by sharing and living the IKEA culture and values

Passion for home furnishing and people's life at home

Passion for leading others and energised by developing and challenging people to reach set individual goals

Energised by togetherness and reaching common goals as a team

Motivated by working in a dynamic and result driven retail environment

Strong comunication and interpersonal skills combined with ability to practise inspirational IKEA
leadership for co-workers with different competences and needs

Ability to solve problems and handle conflicts, always with IKEA values at heart

Ability to empower others to achieve set goals, using individualised techniques that trigger
motivation and development

Ability to analyse risks and consequences of a change initiative

Ability to assess and improve quality


Create an inspiring and motivating work environment and build a committed team with a strong customer focused
culture based on pride in the work and high performance, thus securing a great remote customer experience and
trust in the IKEA Brand

Evaluate adherence to defined ways of working for Generalists and Specialists within their skill area in order to
identify performance improvement areas in processes and behaviours

Lead, coach and follow up individual development to empower team members through knowledge, trust and
motivation, thus building business competence, securing succession and enhancing the quality of soft-skills in the
customer meeting

Create, monitor and follow up team action plans (when applicable with input from Specialists) in order to reach set

Identify improvement needs in the work environment thus contributing to create a great place to work

Contribute with operational and functional expertise to the Schedule/Intraday department to ensure an optimal
number of co-workers are available to meet the customer at all times, thus maximising business outcomes

Validate that hiring, onboarding and training of co-workers is performed according to standards in order to secure
competence of co-workers


The Remote Customer Meeting Point, an integrated part of the new IKEA Omnichannel retailing system, drives and enables sustainable, extraordinary growth in a new era of remote meeting the customer (Sales & Resolutions).

It empowers and drives outcomes to realize a simple, unique, and seamless meeting whenever and wherever our customers want to meet with IKEA co?workers in a remote setting.