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Circularity Project Leader

San Sebastián de los Reyes, Comunidad de Madrid - Prozkoumat lokalitu Trvalá udržitelnost Plný úvazek

Popis práce

Why we will love you

• Driving for results – Ability to accomplish goals, complete tasks, and achieve results
• Focus on details – Ability to perform work with care, accuracy, and attention to detail.
• Teamwork – Ability to collaborate with others to achieve goals
• Dealing with ambiguity- Ability to comfortably handle unclear or unpredictable situations
• Flexibility – Ability to change direction as appropriate based on new ideas, approaches, and strategies
• Negotiating skills, with reasonable and assertive leadership.
• Strategic vision to work in a medium/long term perspective
• Good written and spoken English
• Good written and spoken Spanish

What you'll be doing day to day

• Take the lead on the creation of the Furniture SCRAP and actively contribute to the Textiles and Mattresses SCRAPs, and other entities.
• Act as a key player in the corresponding Government and Administration bodies of the SCRAPs; contributing with inputs and expertise to influence the decision-making process regarding the most important issues: eco-modulation criteria, cost policies, communication activities, relations with public authorities, etc.
• Manage transition from SCRAP to permanent entity, monitoring its development, following up on outputs, participating in relevant meetings and making proposals to keep it relevant and aligned with IKEA’s interests.
• Carry out internal assessments regarding environmental issues, especially in relation to circular economy (waste, packaging, materials. etc.)
• Actively submit relevant information to the different SCRAPs and to public authorities to fulfil the corresponding obligations and ensure compliance with regulations.
• Manage budget and resources necessary to support the Entities and SCRAP processes and ensure their success
• Actively collect, propose and test innovative ideas to reduce the impact of the fees and improve existing SCRAPs models.
• Proactively collaborate and align with other countries and IKEA stakeholders at group level, collecting and sharing good examples and upholding IKEA Spain needs and interests.
• Actively work with the ES EPR Working Group and key areas of the business, in an agile way, to create synergies and facilitate the achievement of common goals.
• Create and maintain relationships with external consultants, managing the opportunities for collaboration and streamlining their use to optimize existing resources.
• Take responsibility for the public communication strategy (awareness) and relationship with other agents considered necessary to ensure the success of the project.