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Assistant Manager, Tenant Management & Admin

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur - Prozkoumat lokalitu Nemovitosti a pronájem Plný úvazek
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Company description

MyTOWN Shopping Centre is a super-regional shopping centre for friends and family on the fringes of the Central Business District of Kuala Lumpur. The shopping centre is a one-stop destination for shopping, dining and entertainment with more than 400 stores. Anchored by IKEA, MyTOWN Shopping Centre is set to deliver a fantastic customer experience with a vibrant mix of retailers.
MyTOWN Shopping Centre is developed jointly by Boustead Holdings Berhad and Ikano Pte. Ltd. For more information, log on to http://www.mytownkl.com.my/

Job description


Lead, mentor and responsible for maintaining long-term relationships between Tenants and Landlord. Create and implement long-term strategy, planning and setting goals for the Meeting Place’s Offer development, ensuring alignment between Centre Management, Project and Centralised Tenant Management and Leasing terms.


  1. Manage day-to-day relationship with the partners and tenants includes operartional issues;
  2. Joint develop the following with Centrailised Team:
    1. Long-term Lease Strategy and Yearly Lease Plan
    2. Income and Expenses Budget
    3. Sales Forecast
    4. Plan and execute Vacancy Strategy
    5. Tenant Enagegement Events
    6. Training programs for partners and tenants
  3. To assist to set goals and plans for the offer development in accordance with the Meeting Plan, Business Plan and Lease Strategy;
  4. Responsible for Tenants sales submission (average 95%);
  5. Recommend changes towards policies and procedures for continues improvement;
  6. Maintain comprehensive / updated Tenants’ Relations Management database and filing system for all tenants (ie. Sales information, licences, permits, insurances, agreement and other correspondences);
  7. Collect and analyse market changes and competition development that influence customer behaviour followed by creating an action and strategy to improve the Meeting Place;
  8. Collect and analyse competitors’ database minimum half yearly, ie. trade mix, vacancy, new opening, GLA, redevelopment plan (if any);
  9. Conduct Mystery Shopper Survey for further execution of the action plans in order to improve customer experiences and offer development;
  10. Collaborate and support other departments for the improvement of tenants performance as well as tenancy and leasing operations;
  11. Perform Tenant Engagement meeting or event on Quarterly basis and yearly basis; and
  12. Support Operations in the event that tenant is not adhering to mall’s House Rules, Agreement and other required manuals in the way of recommending approach towards tenants.




    • Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, Marketing, Business or other related fields
    • Minimum 4-5 years’ experience in Shopping Centre Management / Leasing / Tenant Coordination.


    • Passionate about growing business and people together.
    • Enjoy meeting customers and helping customers by providing effective solutions.
    • Strong sense of achievement in change management.
    • A desire for continuous improvement.
    • A desire for keeping everything organised and structured.


    • 3-5 years Property Management, Retail Tenancy Mix or Tenancy Agreements;
    • Strong communication, presentation and time management skills;
    • Ability to analyse, evaluate and plan tenants’ Monthly Gross Sales Performances;
    • Support to Operations on tenants’ adhering to Centre’s House Rules, Agreements and other required manual;
    • Basic understanding of operations and technical systems related to tenants;
    • Co-ordinate and assist Finance on refunds of deposit;
    • Basic Financial Management on forecast and budgeting;
    • Perform job duties with attention to detail, speed and efficiency;
    • Effective and eloquent communicator and possess good verbal and written proficiency in English and a second language ie. Chinese and /or Bahasa Malaysia;
    • Ability to work in a challenging, fast-paced and energizing with exceptional quality with minimal supervision;
    • Proficient with MS Office and other office applications.


    • Teamwork & Togetherness: Promotes togetherness and collaboration across departments and functions. Creates an inclusive climate where everybody feels respected and valued for their contribution. Recognises the value of people with different skills, cultures, and backgrounds. Creates the preconditions that support collaboration and co-creation. Co-creates shared ambitions and goals with team
    • Passion & Commitment: Enthusiastic and result-driven, one who has a giving-their-best attitude. Focuses on what adds value for the customers. Follows through on commitments. Adapts quickly to changing circumstances and deviations from plans. Offers relevant and creative solutions to meet customers’ needs. Uses data to monitor performance and acts based on results.
    • Common Sense & Simplicity: Having clarity and is practical. Communicates clearly and effectively. Sets clear direction for the organisation. Clearly defines goals and expectations. Inspires curiosity to learn and try new things. Leads intentionally and consciously, being aware of the impact on others.
    • Daring to be Different: Thinks out-of-the-box. Continuously innovative, experiments and tries new ideas with courage. Delegates responsibilities, enabling others to contribute to marketing objectives and business goals. Provides people with the resources needed to accomplish tasks. Challenges existing ways of doing things. Encourages learning from mistakes as opportunities for development and improvement.
    • Integrity: Accountable and honest. Promotes a climate for giving and receiving feedback, building on strengths. Establishes trust and respect. Shows empathy (understanding and compassion) toward others. Embraces disagreement and constructive conflict to achieve better decisions.
    • Leadership by Example: Creates an atmosphere that inspires the team to deliver business results. Acts as a role model for MyTOWNKL values through behaviours and actions. Is open, straightforward, and reliable when working with others. Manages dilemmas and challenging situations, using MyTOWNKL values for guidance. Accepts responsibility for own mistakes. Makes decisions based on MyTOWNKL values.

    More Information

    Please apply by 15-09-2023

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