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<IKEA Kohoku> Goods Flow Team Leader FT

Jokohama, Prefektura Kanagawa - Prozkoumat lokalitu Logistika a zásobování Plný úvazek

Popis práce


• Ability to lead based on performing and delivering while learning and developing.
• Ability to build trust and communicate in a clear and targeted way with different people in various situations.
• Understanding of budget, cost and key performance indicators and how to use them to plan, follow up and steer the business.
• Analytical and numerical skills.
• Knowledge and skills of safe and efficient forklifts' driving working methods confirmed by Forklift operator certifications according to IKEA rules and Local legislation
• Experience of working in a retail and/or logistics role.
• Ability to work during early and late hours of the day.
• Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English.


• Work closely with the Goods Flow team to secure correct usage of short term capacity of the store in order to maximise efficient logistics operations with the right balance in inbound and outbound volume by considering space, equipment and people.
• Influence and lead the goods flow co-workers within the assigned area or responsibility to secure the highest goods availability and enable customer order fulfilment at all times at the lowest possible cost.
• Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and thriving IKEA culture that inspires colleagues to reach extraordinary achievements in the store and especially in the goods flow team.
• Contribute with relevant goods flow input and feedback to the logistics action plan and ensure that these actions are implemented in the inbound- and/or outbound goods flow processes.
• Share knowledge of effective and efficient goods flow operations within assigned area of responsibility with colleagues and business partners to support their competence development, including understanding of the principles of health and safety in goods
• Contribute to the task and goals of the IKEA Value chain as stated in Global Service Protocol, local appendices and service agreement with Transport Service Providors through correct execution of the assigned goods flow processes.


I am responsible for the execution of goods flow processes within my area of the store. I do this by coaching and working alongside Goods Flow coworkers, cooperating with my partners in Sales and Com In, and working with the Sales and Supply Support team to maximise our store's logistical performances. In my leadership role, I am committed to the development of my co-workers. I ensure the preconditions for an effective and efficient replenishment of sales spaces and picking of goods for our customers, with a focus on excellence in execution. This will result in the highest level of availability of products in good condition at the lowest total cost.

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