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Safety & Security Manager - IKEA Giheung

Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do - Prozkoumat lokalitu Podnikatelský a spotřebitelský průzkum a analýza Plný úvazek

Popis práce

Who you are

• You have passion for people.
• You have ability to interact with various management levels.
• You understanding of the IKEA business and culture.
• You have ability to plan effectively, to influence others and follow up on changes implemented.
• You have knowledge of relevant Safety & Security processes, tools and working methods according to work focus.
• You have knowledge of national/local legal demands.
• You have ability to independently and reliably work on agreed Safety & Security actions.
• You have good communication and documentation skills.
• You have fast perception and ability to implement requests at short notice.
• You have knowledge on how to train and educate large groups.
• You have ability to strike a balance between keeping a good overview and paying good attention to detail.
• You have ability to ensure integrity of Safety & Security systems, guidelines and documents.
• You are capable to lead and develop people.
• You are strong role model for the IKEA values and an ambassador for the IKEA Brand.

A day in your life with us

• Ensure a safe and secure environment for co-workers and customers through training, audits, inspections and follow up. This also include that all safety and security systems are fully functional at all times to meet IKEA standards and national/local legal demands.
• Meet IKEAs intended level of Safety & Security by achieving positive results during Security Check and insurance inspections.
• Co-ordinate with the unit Emergency Response Team and management for the handling of any emergency cases and provide appropriate action according to the IKEA Emergency Response rules.
• Complete incident reporting and logging into IRS. Monthly analysis of incidents trends, reporting to management and departments of trends, investigation of cause of trends.
• Maximize the units profit by working for less operational surprises through managing insurance reports and claims, reducing fraud, securing and protecting IKEA assets.
• Improve Sales, CSI and Market Capital results by partnering with business unit stakeholders to ensure inventory accuracy, effectively preventing theft and managing peak traffic.
• Accountable for investigation of internal and external incidents and recommending resolution and revision of routines as necessary
• Work in partnership with the Management Team regarding sensitive issues, including but not limited to, harassment, co-worker misconduct, information security and lawsuits.
• Work together with the Country Risk Manager to ensure IKEA standards, Risk Management frameworks as well as legal demands are followed.
• Identify and develop the many talents to secure succession planning

This role will not be offered with LTA/ Mobility Package.

About this work area

There’s a big difference between doing things right and doing the right things. In our team we gather insights from big data to make sure IKEA does the right things. We’re a diverse group of people who spend our days digging into consumer behaviour and how people live their lives at home. You could say that we know the trends before they’re actually trends – and we use that knowledge to create a better everyday life for our customers.

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