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Warehouse Manager

Dalian, Liaoning Sheng - Prozkoumat lokalitu Správa objektů a majetku Plný úvazek

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Company description

The IKEA brand is one of the most successful home furnishing brands in the world. We are a values-driven company with a passion for life at home. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. 

You see things a little differently. So do we. We believe that what you values are more important than what your CV says. We offer positions that will challenge your skills and let you grow. Come see things a little differently with us.

Job description

Export & Warehouse 出口和仓库

  1. Prepare for the annual audit on imported plant by China CIQ;负责准备中国检验检疫局的进口植物收货人备案的年审。
  2. Manage all the workers and materials in warehouse on daily level; 员工的日常管理
  3. Make sure “M3” system is utilized in warehouse operations; M3系统的操作
  4. FSC project in veneer warehouse and FG warehouse. Provide with evidence and records when required. FSC的日常管理工作
  5. Coordinate and find methods to solve the accident with the China Customs, CIQ, Agent and Ikea Dalian. 与海关、商检、货运代理公司及公司内部相关人员,协调解决出口货物突发的事件。
  6. Ensure proper pallet handling and standardization. 托盘管理
  7. Check if the shipping info, B/L No, Seals No. and Container No. in EDI is correct, and do the corresponding dispatch. 在EDI系统中,录入每天发货的海运信息,提单号、箱封号及集装箱号,并作相应的发货
  8. Be in charge of goods security while stored at the company's/warehouse premises. 负责公司仓库内货物的安全
  9. In charge of safe utilization of loading and unloading equipment such as forklifts, trucks, loading bays and platforms. 负责装卸设备的安全使用,如叉车,卡车,装卸货舱和平台
  10. Support Quality dept during veneer sorting process – ensure proper flow according to current rules/procedure from WH to Quality and to Production dept. 在单板筛选过程中支持质量部-确保按照现行规则/程序从仓库到质量部和到生产部的正确流程。

Weekly work  周工作                                                                                           

  1.  Warehouse team management;仓库团队的管理
  2.  Ensure and encourage safe working environment in whole WH area in accordance with EHS safety rules; 确保物流部的工作环境符合EHS 要求
  3.  Emphasize  the importance of “ improve” through the working process, get the progress together and share with others;强调改进的重要性,一起成长,共同分享
  4.  Ensure FIFO in both FG and RM flow; 先进先出原则用于完善成品和原材料管理
  5.  Inventory management according to high/low flow; 根据使用率的高低,进行库存管理,并能等级标准化
  6.  Realize other tasks assigned by line manager; 其他直线经理安排的工作
  7. Implement and be in charge of cost control within WH team, all monthly spending should be in accordance with Budget/Estimate, exceptions to be approved by line manager; 库房成本管理, 确保月度花销在成本控制范围内;                    

  Monthly   月工作       

  1. Verify stock taking result and provide information to Finance dept. 核实盘点结果并向财务部提供相关信息。         
  2. Verify and confirm External Warehouse rental fee and submit payment application to Finance dept. 审核并确认外部仓库租赁费用,并向财务部提交付款申请;                                                                 
  3. together with quality FA test preparation; 准备FA 测试
  4.  others    其它工作                       

  • Ability to manage the daily jobs under stress. 有在压力下管理日常工作的能力
  • Excellent execution skill. 卓越的沟通能力
  • Well versed in logistics procedure, basic law knowledge, IKEA system and cost control. 熟谙物流流程、基本法务知识、宜家体系、以及成本控制理念
  • More than 3 years' experience in similar positions in multinational companies, prefer with wood/furniture industry experience. 3年以上跨国制造型企业相关岗位工作经验,木材或家俱行业工作经验优先
  • Bachelor degree or above with relative background. Training in principles of management, purchasing, law issue is preferred. 本科以上相关学历。有过管理、采购、法律等相关培训经验优先
  • Good computer skills, ability to work with Microsoft office tool very well. 熟练操作计算机,并能够使用MS Office
  • EPR. 懂ERP 

More Information

The location of this position in Dalian.  We are look forward to receiving your application in English. Please note that we will be interviewing continuously so do not delay, welcome with your application! 


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