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Maintenance Supervisor

Dalian, Liaoning Sheng - Prozkoumat lokalitu Kvalita a lean management Plný úvazek

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Company description

The IKEA brand is one of the most successful home furnishing brands in the world. We are a values-driven company with a passion for life at home. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. 

You see things a little differently. So do we. We believe that what you values are more important than what your CV says. We offer positions that will challenge your skills and let you grow. Come see things a little differently with us.


Job description

1.         Responsible for the overall management of plant equipment maintenance work to ensure that the equipment is in safe and stable running state全面负责管理工厂设备维修工作,确保设备处于安全稳定运行状态

2.         Plan and manage the construction work of the project to ensure the delivery on time对项目施工工作进行计划和管理,确保准时交付使用

3.         Responsible for the technical review of the project scheme to make it meet the requirements 负责项目方案技术层面的审查工作,使其满足达到要求

4.         Responsible for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure the safe and normal operation of equipment负责设备的维修及故障排除,确保设备安全正常运行

5.         Responsible for making equipment maintenance plans负责设备保养计划的制定

6.         Responsible for the creation and management of maintenance documents负责维修文档的创建和管理

7.         Ability to analyze and solve problems问题分析解决能力

8.         Prevent the recurrence of similar problems防止类似问题重复发生

9.         Professional pre-maintenance management ability专业的预维修管理能力

10.      Ability to control maintenance costs控制维修成本的能力

11.      Make annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily pre-maintenance and spot inspection plans制定年度,季度,月度及周和日的预维修和点检计划


1.         Proficient in Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)熟练使用办公软件(word , excel , power point 等)

2.         Familiar with CAD, DWG, Solid software, be able to draw熟练使用CAD、 DWG、 Solid 软件,具备制图能力

3.         Skilled in electrical and mechanical design and automation熟练的电气,机械设计能力,自动化

4.         At least 8 years working experience in the same position, with successful experience engineering projects 8年以上同职位工作经验,具备工程项目的成功经验

5.         Familiar with process and can optimize continuously according to actual situation熟悉流程,并能根据实际情况持续优化

6.         Ability to work under pressure and good communication and coordination skills具备抗压能力和良好的沟通协调能力

7.         Travel is available可以出差

8.         Obey work arrangement and transfer服从工作安排及调动

9.         Familiar with woodworking equipment熟悉木工行业的设备

10.      Major in Mechanical manufacturing and automation机械制造及自动化专业

11.      Good communication and problem solving skills具备良好的的沟通能力和解决问题的能力

12.      Strong sense of responsibility and patient in work责任心强,工作有耐心

13.      Have good professional ethics and professionalism具有良好的职业道德和敬业精神

14.      Ability to complete other tasks, including but not limited to those assigned by superior manager包括但不限于来自上级经理安排的其他工作任务的完成能力

More Information

The location of this position in Dalian.  We are look forward to receiving your application in English. Please note that we will be interviewing continuously so do not delay, welcome with your application! 

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